The EHC works with four committees: an educational committee, a research committee and committees on students affairs and international affairs.

The current committees with commissioners are:

Committee Education image Commissioners:Prof. Christian Fischer, Internationales Centrum für Begabungsforschung (ICBF), Münster (Germany); with Ron Weerheijm, Arch, Program manager Honours, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)
Committee Research image Commissioner:Vacancy
Committee Student Affairs image Commissioners: Drs. Pieter Veenstra, Program manager Hanze Honours College, Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands); with Vivian van Gerven, Internationales Centrum für Begabungsforschung (ICBF), Münster (Germany)
Committee International Affairs image Commissioners:Prof. Nils O. Andersen, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), in connection with the Nordic Talent Network, uniting talent development initiatives in the Nordic countries

The commissioners will be in touch with new members who have expressed an interest in joining the committee. Questions can be directed to the secretary of the EHC through