European Honors Council

The EHC is a network organization around the subject of talent development in higher education, founded in 2016.

Our goals

The European Honors Council pursues the following goals:

1.     Supporting and stimulating development of honors education and its structural embeddedness in the education system

2.     Creating a common language

3.     Supporting teacher professionalization (within honors)

4.     Creation and exchange of knowledge about honors programs

5.     Stimulating and facilitating research about honors

6.     Enabling networking for people involved in honors

7.     Stimulating spin-off of successful honors practices to regular education

8.     Promoting an easier flow of talented students from secondary to higher education

9.     Stimulating professional development of honors students and connection to working life / research career

10.  Stimulating collaboration and inspiring student exchange at honors level

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Who we are

The European Honors Council consists of members, coming from around the globe, united in their interest in talent development and honors programs in higher education.


The EHC goals are related to four main themes: education, research, student affairs and internationalization. Therefore the EHC set up committees on these themes, which further pursue the network aims related to their subject.

Key EHC activities include:


  • Sending out a bi-monthly newsletter to its members


  • Publishing the Journal of the European Honors Council

  • Involvement in the organization of international conferences on honors education in Europe.

  • Sponsoring the Honors International Faculty Institute, an annual inspirational, hands-on training course for honours educators and leaders.


  • Lobbying for talent development and honors education on the political agenda at European and national levels


  • Involvement in (stimulating) grant applications to develop talent development and honors programs in higher education. The EHC is associate partner in the CoTalent project (Erasmus+ KA2, 2017-2020) and the STEAM+ project (Erasmus+ KA3, 2020-2022)

Our board

The European Honors Council is led by the EHC Board.

Dr. Marca Wolfensberger


Ron Weerheijm, Arch

Financial affairs and Commissioner Education

Dr. Marleen Eyckmans

Membership Affairs

Prof. Christian Fischer

Commissioner Education

Drs. Pieter Veenstra

Commissioner Student Affairs

Vivian van Gerven MA

Commissioner Student Affairs

Prof. Nils O. Andersen

Commissioner International Affairs

Dr. Maarten Hogenstijn

Secretary (internal and external communication)